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Who is Red Line Freight Systems Corp?

Red Line Freight Systems is a Northeast Regional Volume LTL/Truckload and Distribution Carrier headquartered in Randolph, MA. Red Line Freight Systems offers shippers same day and next day service to all points throughout the Northeast. Our vision is to be the best Volume LTL/Truckload Distribution carrier in New England. Our goal is to operate in a manner that sets the highest standards of quality and efficiency in the transportation business. The mission of Red Line Freight Systems, Inc. is to be the recognized leader in providing high-quality, cost-effective, regional Volume/LTL Truckload and Distribution transportation services. We will accomplish our mission through educating, training and empowering our employees who are dedicated to continuous improvements. Our ultimate measure of success will come from customer loyalty and partnerships. The services provided by Red Line Freight Systems, Inc. are the end result of our efforts and are designed to meet or exceed our customers' needs and expectations. We value every customers business. We act seamlessly as a supply chain provider, adjusting to our customer’s requirements quickly and efficiently. We are a local family owned business, providing transportation services for the past 20 years In this day and age, transportation solutions in most companies have moved from back office challenges of doing business to complex, costly, ever changing operations. Cost control, safety, driver capacity, service levels, compliance and just keeping up with the changing marketplace are becoming critical to the success of any business. How can your business become equipped to handle all the facets of these challenges and actually move forward?

Red Line Dedicated Services specializes in providing customized dedicated contract carriage solutions for any type of fleet. With a Red Line Dedicated fleet, you have the comfort of knowing all aspects of your transportation needs are being managed so that you can concentrate on essential core business matters.

Transportation costs continue to rise and the complexities of fleet ownership can be overwhelming. Our understanding of fleet management offers you a distinct competitive advantage. We work with customers of all sizes, and we offer solutions that will ensure you contain and control transportation costs while continuously improving service to your clients.

Family Owned and Operated

Red Line is a family owned and operated Business servicing New England Eastern NY and Northern NJ. We pride ourselves on Commitment, Integrity and Results. Red Line always put our customers first and make sure our drivers give the best Pickup and Delivery Experience in the Industry. Dedicated to our on time and result based service, we always deliver on our promise. Our Family has over 65 years of Experience in the world of Logistics.

John Findley