Red Line Freight Systems offers an integrated combination of a dedicated in-house transportation fleet along with strategic alliances with multiple traditional transportation companies. Our in-house fleet covers all of New England and is dedicated to our warehousing customers. In addition to our in-house fleet, we have strong alliances with multiple LTL and truckload carriers that offer optimal service levels for various shipment sizes and destinations.

We take an unbiased, objective approach to your transportation needs. You can take advantage of the volume discounts and attentive service we receive from our transportation partners. Due to our strong partnerships, these carriers work with us to provide exceptional levels of service to our customers.

Key Benefits

  • Improved customer service
  • Reduction in order delivery time
  • Reduced Costs
  • Proactive management of all modes of transportation
  • Increased visibility throughout your distribution network
  • Timely, accurate management information


  • Overnight delivery to all of New England
  • Same Day and Definite delivery Service
  • Commodity Rates and Pallet Pricing available
  • Truckload Pricing
  • Competitive Fuel Surcharge matrix
  • Flat Bed Service
  • Lift Gate Service
  • House Carrier Options
  • Warehousing and Distribution Services
  • Pick and Pack Operation
  • Storage Trailers available
  • Authority for all 48 states in continental US
  • Contract Labor Resource
  • Driver for Hire Option
  • Dedicated Logistics Programs