Warehouse and Distribution Service

  1. Automated Warehouse Systems (Need pictures of new warehouse including robotic racking systems and current racking systems)
  2. Warehouse Management System RLFS offers an integrated warehouse system that gives you instant inventory and shipping information. ( picture of warehouse operations center
  3. Pick and Pack Service RLFS offers pick and pack services. (Delta Cycle image with worker)
  4. Rail Spur Service RLFS distribution facility in Taunton MA has rail service capabilities. Use the rail to strategically distribute throughout the Northeast (Picture of Rail Spur showing we can offer Rail Car Distribution Services)
  5. Temperature controlled Warehouse RLFS warehouses are all temperature controlled
  6. Warehouse Security and Pest Control systems insert security info and Pest control company)
  7. Container Devanning Services (Picture of Container being devanned at our new facility)
  8. CFS Warehouse Services